Global vs Local

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Global vs Local

To go abroad or not to go abroad?

That is the question. Literally. That is the question Taproot Advisory Services hears from many companies as they consider their pro bono program focus. This single question begets many others, including: How do you decide where and when to go international? How do you best balance an international focus with a local one? How and where do you decide to double-down...

Bridging the Leadership Gap: Developing High-Potential Talent through Pro Bono Service

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How can companies use pro bono service to accelerate the development of top talent?

You asked, and Taproot responded by exploring this important topic in a recent webinar with ACCP, featuring findings from the field and a case study on GlaxoSmithKline’s innovative approach to developing leaders.

Miss the conversation? We have you covered. We’ve compiled top takeaways to help you develop a game plan for integrating pro bono into...

Community Reinvestment Act + Pro Bono Service

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Community Reinvestment Act + Pro Bono Service

How Engaging Your Employees in Pro Bono Consulting Can Help You Earn CRA Credit

Think that the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) has nothing to do with you? Well, if your company delivers pro bono service to the community, you may want to think again. 

Here’s the scoop. If you work at a financial services firm that provides pro bono to nonprofits serving low-income communities, you may be...

Meet David: Doing Good Is Just a Way of Life for this Photographer

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David Moss’s work as a Taproot pro bono consultant started in 2012, and since then, he’s worked on four Taproot projects as a photographer. But his commitment to giving back started well before that. In fact, that ethic for giving back has made a huge impact on David and his wife’s life together.

“When we were in our late twenties, my wife and I were looking for work...

CASE STUDY: Feeding America National Office and Hillshire Brands

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Feeding America National Office found an ideal partner in Hillshire Brands to help provide momentum to its organizational culture campaign. Feeding America re-focused their cultural journey in 2011 to re-imagine their organizational values and behaviors. But Daphne Logan, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, wasn’t satisfied with simply creating words on paper. Logan wanted to develop tools for staff to “live” the culture and to support a thriving...

CASE STUDY: Feeding America of Eastern Wisconsin and Hillshire Brands

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CASE STUDY: Feeding America of Eastern Wisconsin and Hillshire Brands

Feeding America of Eastern Wisconsin (FAEW) has big plans to serve its neighbors in northeast Wisconsin and needed supply chain consulting support to make it happen. Their distribution center in Omro, Wisconsin is stretched to capacity, while the needs in their community have grown 61% in the past two years. They’ve launched a capital campaign to build a new distribution center. 

A key feature of this new distribution center...

CASE STUDY: Greater Berks and Hillshire Brands

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One doesn’t normally think of work boots and safety vests when thinking of pro bono, but at Hillshire Brands, safety engineers made recommendations that will have a lasting impact for the volunteers and employees at Greater Berks Food Bank (GBFB) in Pennsylvania.

GBFB wanted to improve their safety initiatives and instill a culture of safety at their organization in anticipation of their move to a new facility in...

CASE STUDY: Second Harvest Community Food Bank and Hillshire Brands

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Second Harvest Community Food Bank’s new Executive Director Chad Higdon and his dedicated staff wanted to improve their operational processes at the food bank. Higdon and his team took advantage of an opportunity offered to them by Hillshire Brands to work with experts during a one-day session to help them identify solutions to three operational challenges in finance, safety, and inventory management.

Tom Hayes, chief supply chain officer...

CASE STUDY: Hillshire Brands and Feeding America

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CASE STUDY: Hillshire Brands and Feeding America

When Hillshire Brands emerged as a new organization, it sought to strategically align its corporate contributions to the communities where employees live and work through volunteerism, financial contributions, product donations, and strategic partnerships.

Hillshire wanted to create deep and lasting partnerships in its communities.

As part of this strategy, Hillshire deepened its relationship with its partner Feeding America. Feeding America is the nation's leading domestic hunger-relief nonprofit. Feeding America’s network...

Aaron Hurst Day: Cheers to Founders Everywhere

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Aaron Hurst Day: Cheers to Founders Everywhere

Aaron Hurst Day was instituted by Taproot’s most recent Board Chair, Steve Kirmse, on the occasion of Aaron’s goodbye party last June. For 13 years, Aaron was synonymous  with Taproot, and Steve's decision to create Aaron Hurst Day ensures that no matter how far we go or what incredible things we do, we remember and honor his legacy.

And what a legacy it is! Any random sampling of...