CASE STUDY: Greater Berks and Hillshire Brands

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One doesn’t normally think of work boots and safety vests when thinking of pro bono, but at Hillshire Brands, safety engineers made recommendations that will have a lasting impact for the volunteers and employees at Greater Berks Food Bank (GBFB) in Pennsylvania.

GBFB wanted to improve their safety initiatives and instill a culture of safety at their organization in anticipation of their move to a new facility in...

CASE STUDY: Second Harvest Community Food Bank and Hillshire Brands

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Second Harvest Community Food Bank’s new Executive Director Chad Higdon and his dedicated staff wanted to improve their operational processes at the food bank. Higdon and his team took advantage of an opportunity offered to them by Hillshire Brands to work with experts during a one-day session to help them identify solutions to three operational challenges in finance, safety, and inventory management.

Tom Hayes, chief supply chain officer...

CASE STUDY: Hillshire Brands and Feeding America

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CASE STUDY: Hillshire Brands and Feeding America

When Hillshire Brands emerged as a new organization, it sought to strategically align its corporate contributions to the communities where employees live and work through volunteerism, financial contributions, product donations, and strategic partnerships.

Hillshire wanted to create deep and lasting partnerships in its communities.

As part of this strategy, Hillshire deepened its relationship with its partner Feeding America. Feeding America is the nation's leading domestic hunger-relief nonprofit. Feeding America’s network...

Aaron Hurst Day: Cheers to Founders Everywhere

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Aaron Hurst Day: Cheers to Founders Everywhere

Aaron Hurst Day was instituted by Taproot’s most recent Board Chair, Steve Kirmse, on the occasion of Aaron’s goodbye party last June. For 13 years, Aaron was synonymous  with Taproot, and Steve's decision to create Aaron Hurst Day ensures that no matter how far we go or what incredible things we do, we remember and honor his legacy.

And what a legacy it is! Any random sampling of...

Google Loves Taxonomy; Is It Good Enough for Philanthropy?

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"Why do I need Foundation Center's taxonomy when I can find everything I want on Google?" was the question posed to me by the board member of one of America's largest philanthropic foundations. I remember giving an appropriately measured response, but later I realized I should have answered: "That's like asking why we need farms when we can buy everything we need at the supermarket?"

Google loves taxonomy...

Visiting the BMW Foundation: Entrepreneurial Spirit Appreciated!

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This blog was originally published on the BMW Foundation website, and is being republished here.

Ariana Gonzalez is the first Taproot BMW Foundation Fellow and recently worked for one month in the BMW Foundation's Berlin office. As a fellow, Ariana is now looking at programs to support the global pro bono movement as impactfully as possible.

Week 1

Entering the office on my first day, I could immediately...

Taproot Celebrates Matt O'Grady Day

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This week at the Taproot Foundation, on June 19th, we are celebrating Matt O’Grady Day, a Taproot holiday honoring the wedding anniversary of our former vice president of national expansion and Taproot pioneer, Matt O'Grady, who tied the knot with his partner in San Francisco six years ago.

I joined Taproot as CEO and President just four months ago. I was already convinced that this was the place...

Helpouts by Google: Pro Bono Making Small Nonprofits Mighty

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Helpouts by Google: Pro Bono Making Small Nonprofits Mighty

The Malini Foundation
is a nonprofit organization and social enterprise committed to inspiring girls and investing in women in Sri Lanka and around the world to help them unleash their potential and transform their lives through quality education, empowerment and self-sufficiency.

As a lean nonprofit with only one dedicated administrative staff, The Malini Foundation’s founder and executive director, Valerie Handunge, is constantly on a search for the...

Case Study: Family Focus Gets New Messaging, Website using pro bono

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Case Study: Family Focus Gets New Messaging, Website using pro bono

Family Focus supports low-income families and communities across Chicago in preparing their children for the best possible start in life. Offering comprehensive services ranging from classes for expecting teen parents to referral services to support groups for grandparents raising grandchildren, Family Focus works to bolster the capacity of the family unit by preparing children and their families to be successful, confident individuals better positioned to be...

Meet Chris Dedow: Financial expert and problem-solver extraordinaire

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Chris DedowFinancial expert and problem-solver extraordinaire Chris Dedow joined Taproot looking to continue his volunteerism and take it to the next level by using his professional experiences to strengthen nonprofits in the Los Angeles community. As a financial analyst at Disney, Chris is also a member of the company’s VoluntEARS Leadership Council, helping lead fellow Disney employees in community engagement opportunities. With Taproot, Chris enjoys being...