The Pro Bono Pledge

We need to change what it means to be a professional in society. Professionals skills are critical to organizations serving the public good—we need to make these skills available, even if organizations can't afford them.

Professional Liberation for Social Change

We ask like-minded professionals to join us in driving this change, with actions and with voice. You have the power to make it matter.

By joining the pledge, you let us know that you agree that:

  • Your career is more than just a way to get paid.
  • The talents of your profession should not be available only to commercial organizations.
  • You will seek to dedicate at least 5% of your time to pro bono service in your career.
  • Professional schools should instill the pro bono ethic in students as they enter the workforce.
  • The employers of choice in your profession should support your peers’ pro bono efforts and set a 5% goal for their engagement.

Submit your pledge to see opportunities to use your voice and skills to join your peers in changing the role of professionals in our society.

Together, we are the pro bono movement. MAKE IT MATTER

I am a professional who believes that my skills and talents should be accessible to organizations working for our collective good. Add my voice to the global pro bono movement.