2018 Campaign Initiatives

For over 15 years, Taproot Foundation has helped to define, build, and advance the field of pro bono service around the globe. We've witnessed the transformative effect that pro bono service has on nonprofit organizations. And we know that human capital and professional expertise is an invaluable resource in addressing our society's most pressing challenges.

In 2017, we piloted Taproot Campaigns, a statement of our commitment to deepening the impact of pro bono service.

In 2018, we're looking for new ways forward, expanding what is truly possible through pro bono. Find our 2018 overview here.

With our Campaigns, we aim to:

  • build awareness of the benefits of pro bono service that extend beyond increasing individual organizational capacity.
  • facilitate cross-sector dialogues that surface points of tension, create paths for alignment and share common practices that transcend sector designations.
  • generate resources, thought-leadership and pro bono service opportunities that advance how we maximize the use of human talent for social good.
2018 campaign kick-off
In 2018, Taproot will continue to expand how pro bono service can improve our communities. Read more.
2017 year in review
One year after the launch of our Campaigns, we take a moment to reflect on what it means to start something new. Read more.

Drive Engagement

Taproot empowers nonprofit and corporate leaders to practice the essential leadership skills needed in our future workplaces and world through pro bono service.



Connect and Respond

Taproot empowers nonprofits to more strategically understand, adopt, and use technology and tech talent to solve critical social issues through pro bono programming while simultaneously supporting tech professionals to better leverage their skills for good.