Most organizations tackling social problems don’t have access to the marketing, design, technology, management or strategic planning resources they need to succeed. Without this talent, few are able to have their intended impact on critical issues like the environment, health and education.

Taproot is a nonprofit organization that makes business talent available to organizations working to improve society.

We engage the nation’s millions of business professionals in pro bono services both through our award-winning programs and by partnering with companies to develop their pro bono programs. One day, we envision all organizations with promising solutions will be equipped to successfully take on urgent social challenges.


The Taproot Foundation drives social change by leading, mobilizing, and engaging professionals in pro bono service.


In the United States professionals annually donate over $15 billion in pro bono services to support organizations in need. Pro bono service is one of the largest forms of philanthropy in the country (double all corporate and community foundation giving combined) and yet one of the least organized, studied or managed.



While working to expand the impact of pro bono services nationally by leading the pro bono movement, we concentrate our efforts for social impact within five metro areas where we have offices: ChicagoLos Angeles, New York City, San Francisco Bay Area and Washington, D.C.

Today, we offer three core programs to increase nonprofits' access to pro bono services. Through these programs we provide millions of dollars in services annually aimed at best enabling organizations to address local social issues.

Service Grant Program

Our signature Service Grant program operates in five cities and, since its inception in 2001, has engaged professionals in over 1 million hours of pro bono service on over 2,000 projects.


Advisory Services

With our Advisory Services and leadership resources, we support companies and organizations in designing and developing their own customized, high-impact pro bono programs. We apply expertise garnered through our Service Grant Program to design pro bono programs best meeting our corporate clients business needs while ensuring their employees' service makes a meaningful impact in their communities.


We partner with leading foundations, universities, companies, coalitions and associations to host convenings and run campaigns where we collaborate to design innovative solutions bringing pro bono service to bear for progress on issues facing our cities and society.


We follow our core values as we work towards achieving our mission.

Pragmatic Optimism

We believe it takes audacity to try to change the world and effective management to follow through.

Impact Oriented

We believe effective pro bono service puts the needs of the client first.

Playful Professionalism

We believe when people integrate their personality and values into their work, they have the greatest impact and are most fulfilled.


We believe people, organizations and societies must constantly move forward to survive.


  • 2010 California Volunteers Social Innovation Spotlight Award
  • 2010 NYC Service Partner, Taproot Foundation Pro Bono Initiative
  • 2009 San Francisco American Marketing Association, “Excellence in Nonprofit Marketing Award”
  • 2008 Time Magazine, one of the “21 Ways to Fix Up America”
  • 2008 Alliance for Nonprofit Management, “Innovator of the Year Award” (Aaron Hurst)
  • 2007 Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals, MarCom Award
  • 2007 Social Venture Network, “Innovation Award” (Aaron Hurst)
  • 2007 Commonwealth Club, “INFORUM 21st Century Award” (Aaron Hurst)
  • 2006 Manhattan Institute Award for Social Entrepreneurship
  • 2006 Fast Company “rising star with extraordinary potential”
  • 2006 Group Jazz Meta Networking Award
  • 2005 Ashoka Fellowship (Aaron Hurst)
  • 2004 San Francisco American Marketing Association, “Excellence in Nonprofit Marketing Award”
  • 2002 Draper Richards Fellowship for Social Entrepreneurship


A "taproot" is the core root of a plant. It gathers nutrients from lateral roots and delivers them to a plant to enable it to flourish.

We see ourselves as a taproot for the nonprofit sector, drawing nutrients from the community and delivering them to nonprofits to enable them to thrive.