People of Pro Bono: Shalabh Sahai

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Shalabh is the co-founder and director of iVolunteer, a pro bono provider member organization of the Global Pro Bono Network.




I’m committed to pro bono service because some of the toughest professional challenges are found beyond our structured work environments. Pro bono service provides us one of the best opportunities to use our own talents, but to apply them differently in new applications that...

People of Pro Bono: Regina Brown

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Regina Brown isn’t just a marketing expert, yoga instructor, and lover of creativity, innovation, world culture, and active wellness. As a Taproot pro bono consultant since 2006, she’s donated 450 hours of service.


Pro bono service is an extension of your life's work. It broadens your perspective on the abundance of organizations being created for the betterment of the world in some shape or form....

Remembering Esther Lardent, the “Queen of Pro Bono”

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As busy as we all are, there are a few things that should always make us stop and reflect. This time, it is the news of losing someone so important to our field – Esther Lardent.

Esther Lardent was an early board member and critical inspiration to us at the Taproot Foundation, and we were saddened to learn of her passing away...

Capital One Executives Lend Problem-Solving Expertise to DFW Nonprofits at Speed Consulting in Plano, Texas

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Capital One Executives Lend Problem-Solving Expertise to DFW Nonprofits at Speed Consulting in Plano, Texas

How can we improve our organization’s financial forecasting? What changes do we need to make in our budget?

These were just a few of the questions nonprofit organizations from across Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) sought answers to at the Capital One Speed Consulting event, which took place Thursday, Feb. 18. The event was held at the Capital One Conference Center in Plano, Texas, where Capital One’s Financial Services division...

Rising Above the Pack through Targeted Pro Bono Program Design

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Pro bono service is no longer the new kid on the block in the corporate volunteerism space – more and more companies have pro bono programs or active plans to build one. As pro bono continues to gain traction, companies are no longer asking themselves if they will create a pro bono program, but instead increasingly exploring how they can create one that is uniquely well aligned with their own core competencies and goals.

People of Pro Bono: Kristina S. Griffin

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At the “grand ole age of 12,” Kristina was a summer camp aide assigned to monitor younger kids and their activities. Now she’s an HR executive who’s donated 500 hours of pro bono service.

I am a music lover of all kinds - traditional and contemporary jazz, R&B, pop, gospel, country and western, and symphonic. I played seven different musical instruments...

How to Double Online Giving in Six Months

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More and more nonprofit donations take place in today’s digital landscape, but how can causes of all sizes ensure their online storefront is not only open for business, but optimized?

As I explored this critical issue in my new book, Nonprofit Fundraising 101, I interviewed Roderick Campbell, the CEO of nonprofit fundraising platform CommitChange. He shared a few takeaways from their efforts to maximize digital donations...

One-day Taproot marathon helps professionals volunteer, fast

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One-day Taproot marathon helps professionals volunteer, fast

Originally published on the San Francisco Chronicle.

Small groups of people huddled around tables in an Oakland conference room. Some typed on laptops, their words appearing on projection screens; others scrawled on whiteboards and flip easels, or printed on colorful sticky notes for wall display. Phrases like “strategic plan,” “cultural competency” and “target client population” floated through...

What Does it Mean to Engage Tech Talent in Pro Bono?

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What Does it Mean to Engage Tech Talent in Pro Bono?

It’s a hot topic in the Bay Area, and it feels like you can hardly cross the street without hearing about a tech company launching their 'For Good’ efforts. This is certainly an inspiring trend to watch happen - and for many, also leads to lots of questions. Who at these companies are doing ‘for good’ work and quite importantly, for whom?

So we here on Taproot’s Bay...

People of Pro Bono: Bruno Querenet

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In high school, Bruno had a blast organizing a tour of Nordic countries for his choir. He’s now enjoying donating his time and considerable talent to nonprofits.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a writer and a poet, but I realized quickly that reading was much more fun. I do pro bono because I wanted to find ways to volunteer some of my...