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Those of us who have experienced pro bono service understand that it is a powerful way to drive social change. Pro bono can equip social good organizations with the expertise and support they need to serve more beneficiaries, become more efficient, and deliver on their missions more effectively.

Yet, many corporate employees looking to bring pro bono service to their company struggle to get buy-in from leadership and other key stakeholders. Although these stakeholders may understand the social value of pro bono, they don't always see the business value. And often, if an initiative doesn't contribute to the bottom line, it is not seen as a worthwhile investment.

That’s why Taproot has developed a new resource for the field that outlines six common business objectives that pro bono can help support. In addition to the social impact that pro bono can help drive, companies have a lot to gain from engaging their employees in pro bono initiatives.

This Pro Bono Week, we're excited to launch Taproot's latest resources - our Business Value Flashcards. Check out this resource to learn how you can articulate the business case for pro bono like a champ. The flashcards include examples from leading companies that have effectively aligned their pro bono service strategies with the broader goals of the company. They also include some stats and quotes that are sure to convince the nay-sayers. Study up so you can make the case at your company!

Find the full resource here!

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