Need Help at Your Organization, but Not Sure How to Get It? Check Out Pro Bono.

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed at your nonprofit with the amount of work to be done and the limited budget and manpower you have to make it happen? You’re not alone - as a whole, nonprofits are understaffed, under-resourced, and need support.

As a nonprofit ourselves, Taproot gets it – and we think that we have the solution. Pro bono.

In this year’s State of Pro Bono Service Survey, we focused on the challenges nonprofits experience each day and identified some of the barriers to getting the support they need. In our new blog series, we’ll present solutions to those challenges and give you a few ideas of how you can boost your organization’s effectiveness with pro bono support.

Have you ever thought: “I need help, but I don’t know how to get it”

Nonprofit professionals know that wearing five different hats at their organization is all too common in our field. In fact, 25% of nonprofit respondents to this year’s survey stated that they are responsible for more than one role at their organization.

If you’re among that number, take a deep breath. There are thousands of  experienced professionals ready to volunteer with your organization as you tackle your overflowing task list. Even better, this type of support is becoming more and more accessible across the country.

85% of the time our survey respondents looked for pro bono, they found it. And 73% of nonprofit professionals found pro bono support after looking in only two places, showing just how easy it is to find pro bono when you need it.

Here are some ways to begin collaborating with an army of experts to help you wear the many hats that your job requires:

1. Find yourself working on projects outside of your area of expertise? Check out these tips from pro bono super-user, Tenneh from Child Steps International, for guidance on where to bring in additional support.

“At that point in Child Steps’ growth, I was really confused because we needed a lot of stuff. We needed a logo, we needed all these things about branding that I did not quite understand, and many other things… and then we found about Taproot+. And I think, right there… I applied for two projects.”

2. Know what you want. Having a clear vision of what you want to accomplish with skilled volunteers will help ensure everyone’s time is used wisely. This video will help you identify what projects are best suited for using pro bono support on.

3. Discover Taproot+, the simple, free way to connect with skilled volunteers for your nonprofit’s 2018 plans by attending our workshop-style webinar in April. Taproot staff will guide you through the process of posting your needs on Taproot+ in real time so that you’ll leave with a successfully posted project. Registration open now.

Want more?

The full 2017 State of Pro Bono Service Report is available here. Read it, ask us questions, and use it to join thousands of individuals who are strengthening their organizations with the help of pro bono service. 

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