People of Pro Bono: Delia Smola

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Growing up wanting to be a teacher, Delia Smola now channels her passion for fostering the professional growth of others as a Global Learning and Organizational Development Professional. Through Taproot team projects, she’s found a way to share her superpowers with the community.

A sense of community

I’m inspired when I see and feel that I am contributing to community and global unity. I found Taproot Foundation during a period of my life where I was seeking an opportunity to better connect with my local community. Now with several team projects under my belt, I can sum up my experience doing pro bono in just one word - connected.

The world feels kinder and more peaceful even after completing just one pro bono project. Each project I’ve worked on has united me with a team of passionate community members - both nonprofit staff members and fellow business professionals. You start each project as strangers, but after the first meeting, you become a dynamic team of unstoppables.

Become a superhero

Helping nonprofits through my pro bono efforts is an opportunity to create a legacy, one that I hope inspires the children of my family to embrace giving and sharing. Having now given over 100 hours of my time pro bono for various nonprofits, I celebrate the kindness, professionalism, and commitment of every one of the social good organizations I’ve collaborated with.

We all have super powers to share. Taproot creates a place for us to be heroes.


Channel your own inner superpowers by supporting a nonprofit with your professional expertise today. Sign up to volunteer on Taproot+.


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