People of Pro Bono: Pavan Singh

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As a child, Pavan wanted to be an astronaut. He loved the idea of blazing new trails and becoming the ultimate explorer. Now as a strategy and marketing expert, Pavan is using his years of experience to help nonprofits forge their new paths ahead.

Rejuvenation through service

During my 16 years of strategy, technology, and marketing experience, I have done it all; from building organizations to advising corporate executives and running startups. I’ve now donated 700 hours of my time and expertise to nonprofits through Taproot and have no desire to slow down. One day I even hope to run my own nonprofit focused on spreading happiness. Giving back to nonprofits through pro bono brings increased meaning to all of the business skills that I learn and apply daily in my professional environment -- the service rejuvenates me.

I’m particularly proud of my most recent pro bono engagement, done with Intersection for the Arts. They are a San Francisco organization with a 50 years history of supporting artists and focusing on making art feasible. They recently went through a very tough time financially; going through a phoenix moment and coming out transformed. While going through this, the organization, their stakeholders, and their members had questions and doubts about balancing their legacy and their new identity. By going in and truly identifying their value proposition for their stakeholders artists, donors, and team members, our team of pro bono consultants was able to accelerate their pace of transformation into a focused, higher impact organization.

The power of impact

A team of pro bono consultants coming together multiplies the power of impact of what each one of us could create individually. My favorite part of the skilled volunteering experience is seeing the happiness in our client’s eyes when we present our deliverables.

Pro bono is the most satisfying time that I spend applying my professional skills. It is a must-do for anyone that can invest the time. Not only will you make a huge impact but you’ll have the opportunity to work with some amazing people. To any professional considering doing pro bono: don't miss this amazing opportunity to give back and feel connected to the community.

Drive social change in your own community by giving or receiving pro bono service. Click here to get started.

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