Taproot Foundation celebrates #GivingTuesday with live one-to-one coaching on Google Helpouts

Submitted by Emmett Mehan on Dec 3, 2013 | Comments (2)

#givingtuesday taproot foundation

On Friday, hundreds of thousands of Americans line up at malls and retail stores to take advantage of Black
Friday savings. Today, Cyber Monday provides the same deals for virtual shoppers. Last year, the nonprofit community came together with a campaign called #GivingTuesday, to remind everyone that the holiday season is about more than commercialism, it’s about being charitable.

Now in its second year, #GivingTuesday has not only partnered with more nonprofits, foundations, and businesses to promote charitable activity this holiday season, but it has also explored strategic ways to expand the definition of giving. #GivingTuesday has partnered with Taproot Foundation to tap into the organization’s 12 years of experience in providing nonprofit organizations with pro bono consulting services that strengthen their ability to make an impact. Now, individuals, families, and businesses exploring ways to give back can learn how to volunteer their skills to make a difference for nonprofits.

#GivingTuesday works to harness the collective power of all its partners – from foundations to nonprofits to corporations – to transform how people think about giving. This year, ask yourself: what if your favorite nonprofit about had access to the same marketing, strategy, technology or HR resources as a for-profit company? Think about donating your skills and expertise pro bono to a cause or organization you care about, and see what happens.

For nonprofits, the good news is that it’s never been easier to access pro bono talent. Campaigns like A Billion + Change have fueled the supply of pro bono talent in the marketplace, with over 250 member companies that have pledged to provide over $2 billion in pro bono services. And more than just supply, now you don’t even need to leave your office to access these resources. As part of its #GivingTuesday celebration, Taproot is offering live, one-to-one coaching for nonprofits on Helpouts, Google’s brand new marketplace that connects people who need help to those who can give it over live video.

Whether you need some copyediting support, want to run an idea by a brand strategist, or have questions about your web analytics, Taproot can help you get the coaching you need.

Nonprofits can access pro bono coaching Helpouts here.

So if you plan to give this holiday season, but you’re not yet sure how, check out how Taproot and #GivingTuesday are working together to show you how to give what it is that you’re good at, giving talented professionals the opportunity to make an impact regardless of how deep their pockets may be. 


Love this. I haven't heard of Google's Helpouts (which is probably like Hang outs). How can folks get involved with Taproot's mission?

Hi Shelly,

We love it also! That one hour of quality pro bono coaching with a subject matter expert can be just what a nonprofit needs to get a pressing question answered or move a project forward.

We'll be looking at new coaches and new Helouts topics in the new year. Email us at helpouts@taprootfoundation.org if you are interested.

Thanks, Shelly!

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