Taproot's Chicago Office Proudly Accepts KAN-WIN Bada Award

Submitted by Taproot Foundation on Mar 26, 2015 | Comments (0)

KAN-WIN is a Chicago nonprofit whose mission is to eradicate all forms of violence against women by empowering Asian American survivors and by engaging the community through education, outreach, and advocacy.

Taproot Foundation’s Chicago office is honored to accept the Bada Award from KAN-WIN given in recognition of Taproot’s support and passion for helping nonprofit agencies achieve their mission through high-quality pro bono service. Bada is the Korean word for “the ocean,” which represents the vast challenges KAN-WIN’s constituents are able to overcome with the help of community partners like Taproot. In March 2014, KAN-WIN was awarded a Taproot Service Grant, giving them a team of pro bono professionals to create an all-encompassing brochure for their range of services empowering Asian American survivors of domestic violence.

The Bada Award was presented to Jaime Guzman, Executive Director of Taproot’s Chicago office, at KAN-WIN's 25th Anniversary Annual Benefit Dinner celebration on March 14th. Mini Datta, Taproot Program Manager and Kevin Williams, pro bono consultant were also honored to attend. Kevin, the Account Director, was responsible for leading the pro bono team* to the highly successful delivery of the Brochure Service Grant project.

Youngju Ji, KAN-WIN’s Executive Director remarked, "Taproot's support really made a difference for KAN-WIN's growth in year 2014."

KAN-WIN’s benefit dinner was a moving event celebrating the pursuit and achievement of both organizations’ missions.

*Kevin’s team of expert pro bono consultants:

  • Tiane Harrison, Project Manager
  • Brian Dunham, Graphic Designer
  • John Firak, Photographer
  • Linda Bergstrom, Copyeditor
  • Cynda Perun, Marketing Manager

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