Taproot New York City

Over the past eight years, the New York office has connected over 396 nonprofits to capacity-building programs that have set them up for long-term success. To date, Taproot has delivered over $26 million in pro bono resources to the five boroughs.

Each year, Taproot's New York office carefully and strategically works to meet the new and deepened needs of the local nonprofit sector. 

Getting pro bono support

Taproot offers a variety of pro bono programs to meet your organization's needs. Find a complete listing of our offerings here

Pro bono consulting

Taproot’s programs would not be possible without the countless hours of time donated by New York City volunteers. These pro bono consultants use their professional expertise to help a nonprofit organization better function. Anyone with 3-5+ years of professional experience in design, technology, marketing, human resources, or strategy is encouraged to apply. Find a list of opportunities here.

Building pro bono programs

As Taproot has developed its programs, proven efficacy and promoted pro bono on both a national and local level, we have discovered an interesting niche. Corporations are looking to develop a pro bono ethic within their company – and many have partnered with Taproot to build explore their options. We have developed pro bono programs that vary in scale, size and impact for more than 25 Fortune 500 companies and are continually motivated by the possibility to do more. Learn about our Advisory Services practice here!

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Local New York City Investors

  • Ford Foundation
  • William E. Simon Foundation
  • Con Edison
  • The Robert Bowne Foundation
  • Alcoa Foundation