Maximizing Community Commitment: Prudential Employees Use Their Skills for Good to Benefit Newark Nonprofits

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Headquartered in Newark, NJ for more than 100 years, Prudential is a recognized leader for its commitment to the local community. No stranger to employee volunteerism, Prudential demonstrated its investment in helping the community thrive by partnering with Taproot Foundation to host a ScopeAthon to benefit Newark, NJ nonprofits.

The Pro Bono Week ScopeAthon was a half-day pro bono volunteering event in which Prudential employees unleashed their professional...

People of Pro Bono: Tammy Brown

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TammyBrown.PBCWhen she was a kid, Tammy wanted to be a nurse, own a TV network, or be a musician in a rock band. Now she’s a marketing expert, a board member for LA Commons, and has completed more than 300 hours of pro bono service.

The first job I ever had was as the nerdy AV girl in college. No one can run a Grass Valley switcher...

Services Donated by Business Professionals are Valued at $150 Per Hour--a 25% Increase over 2009 Rates

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Services Donated by Business Professionals are Valued at $150 Per Hour--a 25% Increase over 2009 Rates

In celebration of Pro Bono Week, Taproot Foundation announces that the 2015 standard for the value of pro bono service has increased 25% to $150 per hour. The $150 valuation defines the average, per hour value of time donated by business professionals to nonprofit organizations through pro bono services including expertise in marketing, strategic planning, HR, and IT. This study was developed in partnership with CECP, a coalition of 150 CEOs...

An Ad Agency's Point of View on Pro Bono

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An Ad Agency's Point of View on Pro Bono

The pitch

The conversation always goes something like this:

Me: I’m volunteering for the Taproot Foundation.

Them: Who?

Me: Taproot. They help nonprofits… [insert Taproot Foundation elevator pitch here].

Them: Wow, that’s really cool. I’d like to do something like that.

I was having one of these conversations with my creative team at LIFT Agency one morning, and I realized that here I was, talking to Taproot’s target audience, and yet no one...

Q&A With a Corporate Pro Bono Consultant

By Bert Guzenski - Program Manager at Blue Shield of CA | Comments (0)

Blue Shield of California recently piloted a pro bono program with the Taproot Foundation. Over the summer, Blue Shield employees engaged in team-based, eight-week projects to address critical capacity challenges with two partner domestic violence agencies. In addition to the positive impact made on the nonprofits, the employee participants took a lot away from the experience. But don’t take our word for it: Below is a case...

A Student View: Growing a Global Pro Bono Movement

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A Student View: Growing a Global Pro Bono Movement

Carolin Graetsch, a master’s student in nonprofit management at the Berlin School of Economics and Law who recently completed her thesis on intermediaries in the pro bono sector, spent 3 weeks with the Taproot Foundation in San Francisco. She also works for the BMW Foundation, and is working to make more pro bono happen globally.

In the blog below, Carolin describes how she plans to carry her experience with...

Remembering 9/11 Through Pro Bono Service

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September, when warm days and cool nights bring relief to the soupy ends of August weather. The leaves begin to turn and kids go back to school. It is the ending of one thing and the beginning of another. For the last fourteen years it has also been a time of mourning. It is a time when we remember the fateful events that occurred on September 11th. 


Bring Your Challenge—Take Home A Solution

By Rebecca Fleischman - Taproot NYC Development Associate | Comments (0)

“It is truly inspiring to watch all of these organizations, which are so vital to this community, come together in one room and address the challenges they face in a safe, open conversation,” said John Naughton, senior staff member at the Ford Foundation and facilitator of the Good Neighbor Committee.

Last month, Taproot partnered with the Ford Foundation to host a Pro Bono Lab as part of its...

Creating Mutual Benefits Partnerships: Brainstorming a way forward for nonprofit and company relationships in San Francisco

By Ava Kuhlen - Advisory Services Senior Consultant | Comments (0)

Companies have a range of resources to offer the community, including time, space, talent, product and financial contributions. They also have a true desire to build relationships with nonprofits in the community.

Nonprofits often struggle with building long-term relationships with corporate partners and face challenges in identifying the best possible, and effective, pathways to collaborate.

In September 2014, Taproot Foundation convened 9 companies, 10 nonprofits, and representatives from 3...

Small Business ScopeAthon - New Audience, Same Results

By Josh Tvrdy - Taproot Foundation | Comments (0)

In June 2015, Taproot Foundation and the Chicago Community Trust partnered together to deliver a ScopeAthon, a half-day workshop for small business owners in Chicago. Through this pro bono consulting event, Taproot looked to connect business owners to a team of consultants—volunteer experts in HR, marketing, IT and strategy—that would support the business in developing an action plan to tackle a pressing organizational challenge, ideally mitigating this...


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