Build your capacity with pro bono services

Pro bono--short for pro bono publico, "for the public good"--means professional services donated at low or no cost to social change organizations.

Each year, professionals donate over $15 billion in pro bono services, from marketing and legal help to strategic planning support. That's four times the amount donated by corporate foundations every year. It's a resource that every nonprofit needs to tap if it wants to realize its full potential.  


Taproot offers a spectrum of programming through which nonprofit organizations can access high quality pro bono services that meet their unique needs. Leveraging our 14 years of pro bono management experience, Taproot helps these organizations achieve extraordinary results with the infrastructure they need to succeed. Pro bono makes it possible for every nonprofit to access the talent to build and sustain these capabilities. 


Taproot+ is our new marketplace for short-term, high-impact pro bono consulting projects. To browse existing projects or create your own, please visit

Taproot+ is a great resource for us to supplement our back
office needs, allowing us to quickly build capacity with committed volunteers.

-- Carolyn Nopar, Director of Development
Family Focus, Chicago

Key Benefits:

  • Direct matching to professional consultants
  • Taproot support for scoping and staffing projects
  • No geographic limitations

Time Required: 4-6 weeks


Taproot's flagship Service Grant Program makes grants of professional consulting services, called Service Grants, delivered pro bono by a team of business professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to help nonprofits in the metro areas of Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.

The Taproot team saved HMI TWO YEARS of data analysis!

--Thomas Krever, CEO
Hetrick Martin Institute, New York

Key Benefits:

  • Deep-dive approach to tackle your most complex problems
  • Team model allows for full discovery process to ensure highest quality deliverable
  • Taproot's longest-running program and tried & true service model

Time Required: 6-9 months


Taproot's Powered by Pro Bono guidebook brings the best practices of 10 years and over 1,500 pro bono projects to any nonprofit. And the interactive web tools accompanying it bring this content to life. The online project finder tool helps organizations diagnose problems and realize potential pro bono solutions, and our provider finder offers an encyclopedia of potential pro bono providers. Additionally, our Pro Bono and Boards hub helps you explore ways to activate your board for pro bono. It's a great way to build overall engagement, and to open up channels for more, varied resources.

Powered by Pro Bono is a critical resource for any
nonprofit board serious about resource generation.

--Linda Crompton, CEO

Key Benefits:

  • Learn about DIY pro bono from the experts
  • Online interactive tools help you get started scoping projects and securing talent
  • World's most extensive library of knowledge on managing projects and scaling pro bono strategy

Time Required: 15 minutes+


Taproot partners with other corporate and nonprofit pro bono providers to identify the highest quality pro bono available. Here are a few examples:

A Billion + ChangeDatakind
Catchafirecommon impact
american express serve2gether consultingvolunteermatch pro bono weeknpower