3. Manage


While every project is different, you can manage most projects through these six stages.

Phase Zero, Preparing for Kickoff

Your primary goal in this phase is to set up a good rapport with the team of consultants and ensure that they are familiar with your organization’s general background, situation, and project need. More »

Phase One, Kickoff

In this phase, you’ll focus first on separate internal team and consultant team preparations, then on bringing the full working group together for a first meeting. More »

Phase Two, Discovery

One of the most critical elements of thoughtful, well-done pro bono is when the pro bono consultants have a strong understanding of an organization’s needs, both in general and related to the project. More »

Phase Three, Drafting

Once you’ve agreed on what the discovery results mean, and revised or confirmed the direction of the rest of the project, your consultant team will hunker down to actually “do the work.” More »

Phase Four, Delivery and Implementation

Once the consultant team has presented an initial deliverable and you’ve provided clear and actionable feedback, the team should move on to the final delivery of the product. More »

Phase Five, Evaluation and Celebration

The fifth and final phase of work is a proper closing of the pro bono consulting relationship. More »

After successfully managing one or more projects, you'll want to expand on your success. You're ready for Step 4, Scale.