4. Scale

Being Powered by Pro Bono and having 20% of your budget met through pro bono resources is a multi-step process that will likely take three or more years. It is a lot like building an individual donor base - it takes investment and patience, but then it becomes an ongoing and critical part of your organization.

We recommend an intentional four-tier process that helps you both immediately benefit from pro bono but also to slowly build the infrastructure and culture necessary to support it.

Level One: Beginner

Exploring the use of pro bono and gaining a basic understanding of the pro bono process.
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Level Two: Practicing Pro Bono

Completing a few projects in the same functional area, such as marketing.
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Level Three: Organization-Wide Adoption

Expanding use of pro bono to multiple departments, programs and operational staff.
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Level Four: Powered by Pro Bono

Using pro bono across programs and operations and leveraging pro bono as a core component of your strategic plan.
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