What Is Pro Bono?

Pro bono -- short for pro bono publico, "for the public good" -- has come to mean professional services deliverd at low or no cost to social change organizations. We define it as professional services (marketing, legal guidance, human resources, technology, and so on) donated to a nonprofit to further its mission.

Every year, professionals donate over $15 billion in pro bono services, from marketing and legal help to strategic planning support. That's four times the amount donated by corporate foundations every year. It's a resource that every nonprofit needs to tap if it wants to realize its full potential.

Common Nonprofit uses and needs

FieldPro Bono UseAdditional Need
Human resources30%35%
Financial and administrative support29%28%
Financial advisory or consulting27%43%
Information technology27%37%
Organizational design or coaching26%45%
Board member or executive search20%46%

Pro bono is quickly becoming the norm in every profession -- similar to the way in which the pro bono movement emerged in the legal profession nearly thirty years ago. Twenty of the top twenty-five MBA Schools now offer pro bono services. A marketplace for pro bono sevices is quickly emerging. A Billion + Change, a Taproot-initiated White House campaign to mobilize billions of dollars of pro bono and skills base service by 2013, has already generated almost two billion dollars in corporate pro bono service pledges.

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