HR Capacity Build


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Organizations with strong HR systems can achieve their strategic goals because they are able to select, manage, and develop the right people at the right time.

Practice Area 
Leadership Development & Strategic HR
Estimated Value 
Final Deliverable
Assessment of HR functions and realistic action plan
What We Offer 

Our HR Capacity Build assesses your current HR and talent management practices and prepares you to build your ideal staff. Our teams work with you to define the right approach to individual HR challenges, and develop larger strategies that link improved HR to broader organizational goals.


The pro bono consultant team will complete some or all of the following:

  • Interviews with a range of your staff
  • An assessment of current HR capacity across employee relations, administration, hiring, organizational design, benefits and compensation, performance management, training and development, board recruitment, and volunteer management
  • Analysis of current HR function as it relates to strategic goals
  • Prioritized list of critical issues
  • A realistic implementation plan
  • Other deliverables depending on your needs and time remaining


To be a successful client for this grant, you should have:

  • Clearly articulated strategic priorities and organizational goals
  • An Executive Director or HR Director who is strongly committed to this project
  • An employee manual outlining organizational workplace policies
  • Basic HR systems that manage performance evaluation, hiring and recruiting, and benefits and compensation
  • At least 8 employees
  • Staff who can invest the necessary time to make the project succeed. In some cases, the same person can fill more than one role.
    • Executive Director: 2-3 hours each week
    • Human Resources Director: 2-3 hours each week
    • Day-to-Day Contact (may be same as HR Director): 3 hours each week
    • Managers (2-3):10-15 hours over the course of the project
    • Selection of board members, volunteers, employees: 2-3 hours each over the course of the project

The Taproot Foundation pro bono consultant team is staffed by HR experts. Visit our pro bono consultant roles page for additional information about HR pro bono consultant roles.


The impact of each project varies, but you can expect to:

  • Integrate your HR goals with your strategy
  • Align different views in your organization about people challenges
  • Establish a foundation for long-term improvements in HR and talent management
  • Tackle some critical issues with immediate fixes