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Billion + Change

Inspired by President Kennedy, Taproot's founder Aaron Hurst lobbied the President to create a parallel challenge to the business community to use their skills to help the nation in a time of critical need. The result was the White House campaign – Billion + Change.

To date, over 200 companies have pledge to provide pro bono programs.

Do you work at a company with at least two employees? Take the pledge or urge your leaders to take it.

Are you a nonprofit leader who works with companies to support your mission? Let them know how much you value your pro bono services and urge them to take the pledge.

Alliance for Nonprofit Management

The Alliance for Nonprofit Management is a membership organization of organizations and consultants that provide services to nonprofits. It defines its role as the "national voice and catalyst for the field of capacity building" and yet it has failed to recognize the largest source of capacity building services in the nation – pro bono services.

Every year business professionals provide an estimated $15 billion in pro bono resources to nonprofits and other social change organizations.

Let the Alliance know that it can't be the voice of capacity building without pro bono services being appropriately represented at the table.

  1. Create webinars and conference sessions for pro bono providers and support organizations.
  2. Provide equal representation on the Alliance board for pro bono service leaders.
  3. Support research and tools for pro bono consulting.

Email Jeanne Bell, chair of the Alliance for Nonprofit Management, and let her know it is time to embrace pro bono. jeanneb@compasspoint.org

Society for Human Resources Management

86% of nonprofits report needing more pro bono human resources support. It is time that the profession join their peers in legal, design and architecture fields and adopt a pro bono standard. It is time for the human resources profession to lead and MAKE IT MATTER.

Let SHRM CEO, Hank Jackson, know it is time to adopt a standard and challenge for all members to donate at least 5% of their time to the public good. hank.jackson@shrm.org