Invest in Pro Bono

The Taproot Foundation turbo charges philanthropic investments so that they MAKE IT MATTER. This is why over a hundred foundations and companies invest in the Taproot each year to maximize their social impact.

Investments in Taproot both help to build the field of pro bono service and enable us to provide direct pro bono resources for nonprofits in the five cities where we operate.


Pro bono service is one of the best places to direct charitable and strategic philanthropic dollars. For every $100, we are able to generate $500 in pro bono services for a nonprofit who can then expand their impact in the community. It is a double multiplier. For many charitable givers, investments in Taproot are also a way to diversify their impact. Rather than donate to a single organization, they are able to enable us to support hundreds of nonprofits across issue areas. Think of it as a social change mutual fund – spreading your investment across multiple organizations.