MasterCard Pro Bono Challenge: Using Pro Bono To Solve Nonprofit Technology Challenges

By Taproot Foundation Advisory Services | Comments (0)

Database management. Website improvements. These are IT issues that can be particularly vexing for nonprofit organizations. At Taproot, we’re always looking for ways to support nonprofit capacity across issue areas, including technology. Luckily, we have corporate partners with the skills to do just that.

Taproot and MasterCard partnered to launch the third MasterCard Pro Bono Challenge at MasterCard’s technology headquarters in O’Fallon, Missouri, in order to leverage...

Calling All Consultants! Projects Will Soon Be Staffing!

By Adam Ukman | Comments (0)

If you’ve been on our home page recently, you may have noticed the value of pro bono services delivered by Taproot to date has climbed above $140 million. We’re proud of that number.

But you know what would make us even prouder? If you helped us reach $150 million – and beyond.

Here’s more good news: Four times a year, our Service Grant Program offers opportunities to do just...

Connecting Business Talent to Nonprofit Need, Pro Bono Style

By Robert Acton and Florencia Spangaro | Comments (0)

This blog was co-written by Robert B. Acton, Executive Director NY, Taproot Foundation; and Florencia Spangaro, Director of Stakeholder Engagement & Strategy, Citi Foundation.

A year and a half ago, the two of us sat together in a diner in Queens, New York – just across the Hudson River from Manhattan – imagining over cups of coffee what a robust and impactful pro bono and skill-based volunteer marketplace in...

Bridging the Leadership Gap with Pro Bono Service

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It’s widely recognized that the demands placed on corporate leaders are changing. Today’s leadership demands a new level of agility and adapting to a broader set of responsibilities. Pro bono service has emerged as a highly effective approach to developing leaders in today’s unique landscape.

On Friday, October 24th, Taproot Foundation and CEB joined forces in Washington, DC to present “Bridging the Leadership Gap in...

General Assembly's Opportunity Fund Connects Tech Pros with Nonprofits

By Guest Blog by Matthew O. Brimer - Co-Founder at General Assembly | Comments (0)
General Assembly's Opportunity Fund Connects Tech Pros with Nonprofits

This guest blog was written by Matthew O. Brimer, Co-Founder at General Assembly.

At General Assembly, we aim to help people transform their lives for the better and empower them to pursue work they love. We do this by providing access to education and opportunity in technology, business, and design. Starting in 2011, we’ve worked to build a global network of entrepreneurs and practitioners invested...

Capital One NYC ScopeAthon: Digital Innovation – for good!

By Guest Blog by Jessa Thomas - Community Affairs at Capital One | Comments (0)

This guest blog was written by Jessa Thomas in Community Affairs at Capital One.

As a local bank, Capital One is committed to expanding economic opportunities for individuals, families, and small business owners in New York. During National Pro Bono week, Capital One teamed up with the Taproot Foundation in New York City to host the first ScopeAthon, to date, that was specifically focused on digital innovation. Aptly...

Want to give back? Building Social Good Agendas for your Start-up

By Ava Kuhlen - Advisory Services Senior Consultant | Comments (0)

Companies, regardless of size, have a vested interest in being good corporate citizens. More and more companies are focused on creating organizations that are people and planet friendly. This shift may be in response to workforce demand for more socially conscious companies, consumer demand for more reputable business practices, or simply the increasing breakdown between the traditional for-profit and for-good structure.

Regardless, there is...

Empowered by Pro Bono

By Guest Blog by Wendy Dixon-DuBois and Stephanie Amponsah | Comments (0)
Empowered by Pro Bono

This guest blog was written by Wendy Dixon-DuBois and Stephanie Amponsah of the Urban Alliance.

After participating in a ScopeAthon event with Taproot and Capital One during Pro Bono Week 2014, it became apparent how beneficial pro bono service can be. Yes, sometimes we walk away with a new and innovative product or process. Other times it’s the energy and motivation we gain, the reassurance that we are doing...

Taproot Celebrates Deloitte’s Partnership This Week

By Elizabeth Schwan-Rosenwald | Comments (0)
Taproot Celebrates Deloitte’s Partnership This Week

Pro bono as a non-legal resource? Fifteen years ago, only a few had ever considered how business professionals could use their diverse talents to support organizations working for social good. Marketing pro bono, strategy pro bono, IT pro bono: these were radical ideas to many companies in 2001, when the Taproot Foundation first began its work to lead, engage, and inspire business professionals in pro...

Orange & Black in the Bay Area - The Colors of October

By Rachel Kim | Comments (0)
Orange & Black in the Bay Area - The Colors of October

Orange and Black. No, I'm not talking about Halloween although I'm quite excited to see my 5 year old in her unicorn costume after spending five hours online looking for the PERFECT one. And no, I'm not even talking about the SF Giants, although as of this morning, I can feel the World Series coming back to town. I am referring to Pro Bono Week, which is literally...


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