Pro bono resources exist, and they are helping organizations address critical needs in nonprofit marketing, fundraising, HR, IT, board development, and more. Start here with this video and in 4+ minutes you'll be on your way to identifying pro bono resources through your own personal network.


Some of the strongest nonprofits in the country use pro bono to supplement up to 20% of their budgets. Rather than doing more with less, pro bono helps you to do more with more. Learn more about what pro bono is, why you would do it, and what principles you should follow to make sure you do it right.


Taproot partners with organizations to help them become powered by pro bono. These organizations achieve extraordinary results because they have the infrastructure they need to succeed. Successful organizations, regardless of their mission, have talent and leadership, a strong voice, and the data they need to continuously improve. Pro bono makes it possible for every nonprofit to access the resources they need to build and sustain these capabilities.

Our programs enable nonprofits to have the capacity to scope, secure, and manage pro bono:

  • Taproot+ is our new marketplace for short-term, individual pro bono consulting projects. To browse existing projects and create your own, please visit Taproot+ here.
  • Our Service Grant Program makes grants of professional consulting services, called Service Grants, delivered pro bono by a team of business professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to help nonprofits in the Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, DC metro areas.
  • Powered by Pro Bono brings the best practices of 10 years and over 1500 pro bono projects to any nonprofit. The Powered by Pro Bono training program coaches select nonprofits through early projects or scaling their pro bono efforts; Powered by Pro Bono, the book, brings the training principles to you.
  • Our Advisory Services work builds the supply and connects us to potential pro bono providers nationwide.
  • Our online project finder tool helps organizations diagnose problems and understand potential pro bono solutions.
  • Our Pro Bono and Boards hub helps you explore activating your board for pro bono. It's a great way to build engagement generally, as well as bringing you more and varied resources.