Donate Your Skills for Good

With more than ten years of experience leading and managing pro bono, the Taproot Foundation is a great place for individuals to get started doing pro bono. 

  • Taproot+ is our new marketplace for short-term, individual pro bono consulting projects. To sign up and browse projects, please visit Taproot+ here.

Apply to Taproot+ now

  • If you are located in one of the five cities where Taproot has an office – New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco, or Los Angeles – you can also apply today to work with us and our nonprofit clients through our Service Grant program.
    • To gain a better understanding of what kind of pro bono work you might be best suited for, check out our Consulting Opportunities.
  • If you work in a corporate environment that could benefit from an internal pro bono program, Taproot can provide resources to help you build and manage programs that help entire companies leverage the professional skills within. Check out our Corporations page here.

In working with the Taproot Foundation, you’ll learn how to do pro bono, you’ll meet other individuals also contributing their skills pro bono to support a nonprofit, and you’ll get to work with some incredible organizations doing amazing work in communities across the country.


  • Most social change organizations don’t have access to all the resources in the areas of marketing, finance, strategy, IT, and HR that they need to succeed. When skilled volunteers like you bring your expertise to these organizations, you are not only helping them accomplish projects, you are helping them develop strong organizations that allow them to fulfill their missions.
      • Pro bono service expands your social and professional networks.
      • Pro bono service is a great way to engage with your community. Many of our pro bono consultants go on to build long-lasting relationships, including board service, with the nonprofits they serve.
      • Pro bono service allows you to build your leadership skills. Taproot’s long-term team-based projects, have roles that allow you to demonstrate these talents and collaborate with new colleagues.