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Welcome to the Project Finder. This tool, a signature project of the Taproot Foundation, was created with one clear goal: to provide an accessible catalog of over 100 of the most common pro bono projects, each matching different nonprofit needs and professional expertise. With each project we offer tips and tricks to help nonprofits manage and secure the project—so you can get started.

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Accessibility & Code Compliance

An Accessibility & Code Compliance project ensures that an organization’s office is accommodating for people with disabilities and meets other building codes, making the space a welcoming place for all.

Recommendations for Accessibility & Code Compliance No More
Accounting System

An accounting system project analyzes an organization’s accounting needs and makes a recommendation for a system that allows staff to constantly update and track organizational expenses. This project can also involve evaluating and improving an existing accounting system.

Accounting Plan, Training No More
Advocacy Plan

Nonprofit advocacy is an effort to change the opinion or actions of a specific community, primarily political decision makers or the voting public. An advocacy plan clearly defines the audience to influence, the desired change and a well-defined process for regularly educating that audience about the organization's point of view.

Issue Analysis, Advocacy Plan, Content No More
Annual Report

An Annual Report is a powerful tool for engaging major donors, foundations, or strategic partners. An organization’s message can be communicated most effectively when all elements of the annual report - photos, data, layout, text, and financial data - work together to meet readers' emotional and intellectual needs.

Annual Report, Template, Training Yes More
Back Office Systems Implementation

A Back Office Systems project selects and implements a high quality and cost effective Human Resources system to manage payroll, timesheets, benefits, employee information, recruiting and hiring, training, and performance management. This project includes vendor selection, installation, training, and maintenance plan.

Human Resources Management System No More
Blog Design

A Blog Design project creates a space on an organization’s website where staff and guest writers can share anything that engages its stakeholder audience, including news, event recaps, advice, photos, and success stories. The blog is not only used to strengthen relationships with existing supporters, but also as a tool to attract new website visitors via web search engines.

Blog Template, Editorial and Style Guides, Training No More
Board Effectiveness

Board Effectiveness measures a nonprofit's board capacity and performance. It typically looks at the board's governance practices, stewardship, membership, resource generation, and CEO management to help guide a board on how it can best help the nonprofit it serves.

Board Assessment Template, Analysis No More
Board Recruitment

A board can and should do more than fundraise, but building an engaged and effective board of directors is one of the most difficult tasks a nonprofit can face.

A Board Recruitment project helps a nonprofit outline the right board team for its specific needs and develops the marketing tools needed to build a solid board pipeline that consistently brings in the right candidates.

Board Recruitment Plan Yes More
Board Reporting Dashboard

A Board Reporting Dashboard project translates a nonprofit’s strategic and operating plans in a simple set of metrics that covers financial, administrative, programmatic and governance performance. The board of directors can use the dashboard to quickly focus on the key drivers of the organization's success.

Board Reporting Dashboard No More
Board Structure

A board structure project reviews the roles, organization, and policies of an organization’s board and recommends improvements to guide the board in governing effectively.

Board Structure, Policies & Procedures Documents No More